Sustainable Business: A One Planet Approach

Sustainable Business: A One Planet Approach
Sustainable Business: A One Planet Approach

Sustainable Business: A One Planet Approach


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Sally Jeanrenaud and Jean–Paul Jeanrenaud

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What is a 'one planet' approach to sustainable business? Why is it important? What are businesses doing to achieve sustainability? What do business leaders need to learn? Sustainable Business: A One Planet Approach is a textbook for contemporary business. Recognizing the realities of global sustainability challenges, this book covers the knowledge, frameworks and techniques that will underpin emerging solutions to those challenges. Published in association with WWF (The World Wide Fund for Nature) Sustainable Business is an ideal basis for students at both undergraduate and postgraduate level looking to master an understanding of the relationship between sustainability and business. Edited by three influential figures from sustainable business education, and co-authored by several leading academics, this book offers a wealth of insight and interpretation into new ways of doing business that have a positive impact on people, planet and prosperity. In addition to the many case studies and real-life examples included throughout the book, lecturer slides and recommended web links can be accessed at

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