We Can!1 Phonics: Workbook

We Can!1 Phonics: Workbook
We Can!1 Phonics: Workbook

We Can!1 Phonics: Workbook


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"WE CAN!" Is a new unique 7-level course book for kindergarten children and elementary school students who will progress English learning while achieving the goal. An author who can be said to be a pioneer in this field who knows about children's English education in Japan and Asia is indispensable for English instruction that "A good curriculum is a good leader is a good teaching material?" It is a teaching material specifically showing important points._x000D_
"What can we do to help children who do not need English on a daily basis learn English that they can use?" The answer is the We Can! Series. It is the birth of a non-magical course book that learns nature and English as you clear the goal (fun) while enjoying it. "- Yoko Matsuka_x000D_
We can with We Can!

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