Artist’s Painting Techniques
Artist’s Painting Techniques

Artist’s Painting Techniques


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Lewis Carroll

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Whether you're trying your hand at painting for the first time or honing your artistic ability, Artist's Painting Techniques is the handiest guide to teach you how to paint.  Starting with the basics such as observational skills and learning how to draw, Artist's Painting Techniques will guide you into working with watercolours, acrylics, and oil paints. Discover everything you need to know about tone, colour, pattern, brushwork, and composition to create your own masterpieces with confidence. Learn a range of key watercolour, acryllic, and oil painting techniques, including laying a flat wash, painting fur, and creating impasto sculptural effects. Embark on exciting artistic exercises and projects to discover your style and grow as an artist.  Follow the fully illustrated step-by-step guides and get inspiring advice and encouragement from practising artists. Kickstart your creativity and develop your own style with Artist's Painting Techniques.                 

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