Cars Trains Ships and Planes
Cars Trains Ships and Planes

Cars Trains Ships and Planes


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James Patterson , Michael Ledwidge

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Calling all speed demons! Get your motor running with this exciting and educational visual encyclopedia for children.   You'll enjoy the ride on more than 1,000 different types of transport. Gently take to the skies in a hot air balloon or race into space on a rocket. Experience life in the fast lane in a Formula 1 racing car or set sail for new horizons aboard a luxury cruise ship.   The world is your oyster as you chart the entire history of transport, from traditional horse and carts to today's high-speed networks and supersonic vehicles. Incredible images accompanied by fact-packed text give you the full lowdown on everything that could possibly take you from A to B.   Cars, Trains, Ships and Planes guarantees thrills and spills as you test out the fastest, largest, longest, and costliest modes of transport in the ultimate record-breakers.  Put yourself in the driving seat with this complete visual guide to vehicles.                 

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