Coding Projects in Python
Coding Projects in Python

Coding Projects in Python


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Kazu Kibuishi

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"Build your Python coding skills step-by-step and have fun doing it! Learn to programme simple games, apps, and more.  Python is easier than other professional coding languages, but no less powerful. Use the hands-on approach of Computer Coding Python Projects for Kids and learn how it all works. Make your way through step-by-step projects that build your knowledge gradually, from simple functions to building a space treasure game.  This clear and approachable book will guide you through the new terms and phrases until you're confident in your coding skills. Hints and helpful tips will assist with common problems, as well as encouraging creative thinking with notes on how you can personalise and adapt your projects.  Computer Coding Python Projects for Kids has all you need to master Python, one of the world's most popular computer programming languages. Just follow the steps and you'll be building fantastic games and handy apps in no time. "                 

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