Computer Coding Games For Kids
Computer Coding Games For Kids

Computer Coding Games For Kids


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Kazu Kibuishi

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If you like playing computer games, why not make your own? This book has all you need to build amazing games, including thrilling racing challenges, zany platform games, and fiendish puzzles.   Follow the simple steps to become an expert coder, using the latest version of the popular programming language Scratch (TM) 3.0 in this new edition.  Improve your coding skills and create your own games, before remixing and customizing them. Jumpy Monkey will show you how to simulate gravity in your games, or give Dog's Dinner a go to learn about collision detection.  Pick up the fundamentals of computer programming in steps that make even the most difficult coding concepts fun and easy to understand. Don't just learn how computer code works - understand why it's done that way.   Then share your games online and challenge friends and family to beat each other's scores. Once you've whizzed through the book, the possibilities are endless!                 

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