Computer Coding With Javascript Made Easy
Computer Coding With Javascript Made Easy

Computer Coding With Javascript Made Easy


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Cammie Mcgovern

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The perfect workbook for budding computer whizzes eager to get to grips with JavaScript.  JavaScript can be used to create mini programs and bring apps to life. Computer Coding With JavaScript Made Easy teaches your child to recognise, read, and write in JavaScript, using fun activities such as creating a game or app. JavaScript is a language that works on many types of devices, from smartphones to supercomputers, making it an essential skill for any coder. Learning code develops an ability to solve problems with abstract thinking and cements lifelong computer literacy.  Coding with JavaScript Made Easy provides step-by-step guidance to build key computer skills. This innovative guide is perfect for Key Stage 2 pupils. Help your child learn how to talk to a computer in its own language, for fun or for the future.                 

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