Core Strength Training
Core Strength Training

Core Strength Training


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Chris Hadfield

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Take control of your fitness and training with this easy-to-use handbook to building a stronger core.  This simple guide includes more than 150 core-strength exercises, each with clear explanations and illustrations so that you can perfect your technique. Step-by-step visuals for exercises and stretches will help you work out correctly and safely, while focused explanations and anatomical diagrams of the body will deepen your knowledge of the science behind your workout.  Customise your routine according to your goals and fitness level by using the suggested training programmes and visual exercise directories. Improve your general mobility, strength, and flexibility or focus on improving your core for a specific sport - such as football, running, and many more. Strengthen your physique pre- and post-pregnancy or simply beat the physical symptoms of desk work!  Whether you're thinking about going to the gym for the first time or looking to take your workouts up a level, Core Strength Training is an easy-to-follow guide that will help you to know your body, its muscles, and how core training can work for you.                 

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