Easy Learning German Dictionary (Collins Easy Learning German)
Easy Learning German Dictionary (Collins Easy Learning German)

Easy Learning German Dictionary (Collins Easy Learning German)


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An up-to-date, easy-reference dictionary with key GCSE curriculum words highlighted and a practical and fun supplement covering key vocabulary areas. It is the ideal dictionary for learners of German of all ages, but especially for those aiming for GCSE exam success. Fully endorsed by the exam board, Edexcel.             Designed for all learners of German, whether you are learning for your GCSE exams at school, in an evening class, for business or to go on holiday. The entries cover everyday German and English (including all essential set expressions) and key curriculum words are highlighted to help with exam preparation.             Clear and concise language notes provide information on common grammatical errors and confusable words, while handy culture notes explain cultural differences. German verbs are cross-referred to comprehensive verb tables, helping you find all the German verb forms you need. Combined with a text which is colour-coded and very easy to navigate, the Collins Easy Learning German Dictionary gives a solid foundation for German language learning.             * Get it right: thousands of examples of real German show you exactly how translations are used.             * Get there fast: clear colour layout takes you quickly to the words you want, with key GCSE vocabulary flagged for rapid identification.             * Have confidence: a fun, practical supplement focuses on key exam vocabulary and helps you to use written and spoken German correctly.             Visit www.collins.co.uk/languagesupport for free downloadable resources to help you practise and consolidate your language skills.                 

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