Economics Of Banking, 3E

Economics Of Banking, 3E
Economics Of Banking, 3E

Economics Of Banking, 3E

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The Economics of Banking describes and explains the behaviour of banks by examining trends and operations in banking within a mathematically accessible microeconomic framework. This new 3rd edition has been fully revised and updated to reflect the major changes that have taken place in the banking sector and many new topics including new coverage of Islamic banking. This accessible and user-friendly textbook is essential reading for final year undergraduate and postgraduate students taking courses in banking. New to this Edition: * Fully updated including new material on the financial crisis and the many implications for banking * New coverage of Islamic banking * Discussion of microfinance/credit unions is included in chapter 4 * New coverage of the Shadow Banking System * The impact of Basel 3 and the Vickers Report is discussed particularly with regards to the idea of ring fencing * Updated statistics and financial data

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