Great Paintings
Great Paintings

Great Paintings


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Andrzej Sapkowski

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The world's greatest masterpieces explored and explained     From works by Botticelli and Raphael to Salvador Dali and Frida Kahlo, discover the paintings that have shaken the art world through the centuries and across continents.   Great Paintings presents over 60 amazing paintings - both familiar and new.  It not only lists some of the greatest works of art but brings them to life with the help of more than 700 photographs and descriptive text. Understand the key features, composition, and techniques that have made these paintings stand out.   The book also includes brief biographies of the artists, which provides the background to each artwork and helps readers paint their own picture of the historical and social context behind each masterpiece.  Whether you are young or old, an art student or a fan, simply turn the pages of Great Paintings to go on your personal gallery tour of some of the world's best-loved paintings.                 

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