How To Be Good At Science, Technology, and Engineering
How To Be Good At Science, Technology, and Engineering

How To Be Good At Science, Technology, and Engineering


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Roddy Doyle

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Science is sorted, technology is untangled, and engineering is explained with this incredible home reference for children.  In our modern world dominated by science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEM), now is the time to make tricky topics and challenging concepts completely crystal clear.  From tiny atoms and minute microchips to monster tractors and jumbo jets, this brilliant home-study companion comes packed with eye-catching illustrations to showcase science and technology in action today. You'll see whizzing waves, zooming rockets, and mighty magnets on this epic journey of discovery. Jump in the basket to see how a hot-air balloon rises, scale a mountaintop to see the impact of erosion, and venture inside Earth to reveal its multi-layered structure. Dramatic visuals, concise explanations, and step-by-step graphics keep young readers engaged and entertained from start to finish.   Hands-on projects are included to put learning into practise. Imagine making old coins shine bright with vinegar or triggering a volcanic eruption with baking soda. Impress your friends and family with these experiments and much, much more at home or at school.  Ideal for home learning and revision, this essential homework helper covers the core curriculum of school science and supports STEM education initiatives.  Budding scientists and engineers, the future starts here!                 

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