Knowledge Encyclopedia Animal!
Knowledge Encyclopedia Animal!

Knowledge Encyclopedia Animal!


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Dk , John Woodward

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Peak into the animal kingdom through simple text and 3D rendered images!  An animal encyclopedia bursting with exciting facts and information about animals around the world! Learn about the tiniest crustaceans to the mightiest mammals in stunning detail, from invertebrates, birds, fish and mammals to reptiles and amphibians.  This illustrated animal book for kids is packed with:  - A wide range of topics - all the major animal groups are introduced along with how they fit into the tree of life - An all-new library of 3D computer-generated artworks that provide digital content that can be animated and utilised beyond the printed page - Facts, infographics, and data boxes so that every topic is covered in-depth while remaining easy to understand at a glance  Take a walk on the wild side! This groundbreaking new visual approach to animals demonstrates Earth's most fascinating creatures through crystal-clear computer-generated artworks and astonishing facts. This home reference includes a whole history of evolution and extinction, the classification of animals, the threats facing endangered animals, and a complete timeline of life on Earth.  This wildlife encyclopedia is perfect for children aged 9 to 12 who are interested in learning everything there is to know about animals! All kinds of species are seen in spectacular 3D images, alongside accessible fact files and supporting information about biology, habitats, and ecosystems. Children will have fun finding answers to questions about animal babies, animal sizes, how long animals live, what animals eat, how animals protect themselves, animal migration patterns, and so much more!  DK's Knowledge Encyclopedia series is filled with amazing facts and imagery that fascinate children and teach them about themselves and the world around them. Interested to learn more? Add Knowledge Encyclopedia Human Body!, Knowledge Encyclopedia Science! or Knowledge Encyclopedia History! to your collection.                 

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