Knowledge Encyclopedia Ocean!
Knowledge Encyclopedia Ocean!

Knowledge Encyclopedia Ocean!


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Dive into our planet's largest and least explored world in this stunning encyclopedia of whales, waves, wrecks, wind farms, and everything oceanic!  Using 3D illustrations and a level of detail you can't find in other books, this children's ocean encyclopedia is perfect for home learning and study support. It takes you on a world tour of the waters that cover 70 percent of our planet, taking in marine biology, geography, geology, and ecology. See the sharks, jellyfish, turtles, dolphins, octopuses, penguins, seahorses, and other animals that call the ocean home and learn how their anatomy and behaviour is adapted to deal with a watery habitat.  Discover what lies beneath the waves - from the dramatic landscapes of the deepest trench and the longest mountain range on Earth, to coral reefs and kelp forests teeming with life. Find out, too, about the science behind the seas. How do islands form? What are tsunamis? How can you help with marine conservation?  Beautifully illustrated and packed full of facts, Knowledge Encyclopedia: Ocean! is the ultimate reference book for children curious about our planet's watery world.                 

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