Knowledge Encyclopedia Science
Knowledge Encyclopedia Science

Knowledge Encyclopedia Science


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See science as you've never seen it before.   This extraordinary encyclopedia fuels your imagination with its truly ground-breaking visual approach to the world around us. Jaw-dropping 3D computer-generated images burst from the pages, detailing the tiny atoms that make up our Universe and the incredible forces that keep it all together. From mixtures and metamorphosis to friction and flying, the wonders of biology, chemistry, and physics are brought to together in one must-have volume. Travel to the tropics to see feeding flamingoes, dive deep underwater to swim with a blue whale, and rush to the racetrack to lift the top on a Formula 1 car.  Knowledge Encyclopedia: Science! covers all the key core subjects in glorious technicolour detail alongside easy explanations and fun facts to spark young minds to the science that surrounds us.   Part of DK's hugely successful Knowledge Encyclopedia series, this is the perfect accompaniment to the school syllabus and an essential addition to every family library.                 

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