Let's Do Handwriting For Age 7 - 8
Let's Do Handwriting For Age 7 - 8

Let's Do Handwriting For Age 7 - 8


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Andrew Brodie

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The  new National Curriculum emphasises the importance of composition but  also 'transcription' i.e. spelling and 'fluent, legible and, eventually,  speedy handwriting.' Our exciting new 'Let's Do Handwriting' titles  provide all the help that children need to write fluently and legibly.   Through guided practice in letter structure and the correct formation  of joins, the children are encouraged to develop a clear, attractive  style to use with fluency and speed in  their everyday writing. The  extensive handwritten practice of a wide range of words also helps to  broaden vocabulary and spelling skills.    As with every title in  the Andrew Brodie Basics range, parents can ensure that their children's  efforts are well rewarded. Each book features regular progress checks  as well as a wide variety of attractive reward stickers. To help the  children along, Marjorie the Meercat gives lots of useful tips!                 

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