Minecraft: the Crash (Exp)
Minecraft: the Crash (Exp)

Minecraft: the Crash (Exp)


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C. S. Lewis

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NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER  This official Minecraft novel is an action-packed thriller! When a new virtual-reality version of the game brings her dreamsand doubtsto life, one player must face her fears.   Bianca has never been good at following the plan. Shes more of an act-now, deal-with-the-consequences-later kind of person. But consequences cant be put off forever, as Bianca learns when she and her best friend, Lonnie, are in a terrible car crash.   Waking up in the hospital, almost paralyzed by her injuries, Bianca is faced with questions shes not equipped to answer. She chooses instead to try a new virtual-reality version of Minecraft that responds to her every wish, giving her control over a world at the very moment she thought shed lost it. As she explores this new realm, she encounters a mute, glitching avatar she believes to be Lonnie. Bianca teams up with Esme and Anton, two kids who are also playing on the hospital server, to save her friend.   But the road to recovery isnt without its own dangers. The kids are swarmed by mobs seemingly generated by their fears and insecurities, and now Bianca must deal with the uncertainties that have been plaguing her: Is Lonnie really in the game? And can Bianca help him return to reality?  Collect all of the official Minecraft books: Minecraft: The Island Minecraft: The Crash Minecraft: The Lost Journals Minecraft: The Survivors Book of Secrets Minecraft: Exploded Builds: Medieval Fortress Minecraft: Guide to Exploration Minecraft: Guide to Creative Minecraft: Guide to the Nether & the End Minecraft: Guide to Redstone Minecraft: Mobestiary Minecraft: Guide to Enchantments & Potions Minecraft: Guide to PVP Minigames Minecraft: Guide to Farming Minecraft: Lets Build! Theme Park Adventure Minecraft for Beginners                 

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