Oper (New Edition) Starter: the Monkey King
Oper (New Edition) Starter: the Monkey King

Oper (New Edition) Starter: the Monkey King


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Rosemary Border , Series Edited By David Foulds

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A magic stone cracks open like an egg. Monkey jumps out! He is not afraid of anyone or anything. Monkey is the superhero. Monkey is magic.  Monkey does many exciting things. He fights demons. He learns to jump high in the sky. He jumps over rivers and mountains. He rides on clouds. He even lives underwater like a fish! But monkey wants more. He wants to live with the gods. He doesn't want to die. He wants to live for ever.  In this book, you will read about Monkey's adventures. You will meet the interesting people in his story. You will find out if Monkey really gets what he wants!                 

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