Peppa Pig: Peppa the Mermaid
Peppa Pig: Peppa the Mermaid

Peppa Pig: Peppa the Mermaid


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Christopher Paolini

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Peppa and Rebecca Rabbit would love to be mermaids!  When they come up with a plan to have an under-the-sea party, Peppa gets carried away and invites all her friends over for a swimming disco with starfish-shaped sandwiches and a real beach!   There's just one problem... Mummy and Daddy Pig aren't prepared for this at all . . .  Can Miss Rabbit, Emergency Party Planner and Entertainer Extraordinaire, come to the rescue? Of course she can!  Peppa the Mermaid has a super-sparkly holofoil cover covered with mermaid scales- it's the perfect present for every little reader and mermaid fan!                 

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