Science A Children’s Encyclopedia
Science A Children’s Encyclopedia

Science A Children’s Encyclopedia


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You'll be firing on all cylinders with this science spectacular!   The exciting exploration of biology, chemistry, and physics is vital reading for curious minds. ??Science becomes simple and straightforward, so you never get your wires crossed again. Hundreds of pages feature stunning images, simple graphics, and crystal-clear text. What makes a firework go bang? How do plants make food from sunlight? What makes a robot clever? Find the answers to all these questions and much, much more.   Biology is all about you, living things, and the rest of the natural world. Learn all about your amazing body and more than 1,000 parts that keep it going. Chemistry presents an explosive look at the tiny atoms that build together to create all the brilliant things in the world today. Physics introduces the full force of everything, from electricity and energy to magnetism and machines. ??  All three subjects are examined in extraordinary detail, making Science A Children's Encyclopedia an absolutely essential addition to each and every family library.                 

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