Science Experiments
Science Experiments

Science Experiments


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Nicola Yoon

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Conduct 120 exciting science experiments with this award-winning activity book for kids.  The ultimate collection of eye-popping, jaw-dropping science experiments for kids by science supremo, Robert Winston. Designed for kids to carry out safely and easily from home, with more than 350 engaging photographs and illustrations to help you explore the world of science first-hand!    This kid's book offers a winning combination of the fascinating and the factual. Every experiment features step-by-step visual and text instructions and crystal-clear explanations of how the science works.  Go back to basics with easy examples, including blowing gigantic bubbles, making colourful crystals, and launching explosively fun bottle rockets. Then move on to trickier activities using light and electricity, such as fashioning a flashlight or creating a homemade radio that you could dial into signals with!  This book breathes fresh life into science for kids through spectacular first-hand experiences. Remember, practise makes perfect, so you can repeat the experiments to test your own results and keep learning.  Most of the demonstrations in this educational book call for every day, affordable materials that you likely already have around the house, others might require a trip to a chemist or hardware store.  Budding scientists, the fun starts here!  Test - Learn - Enjoy The Science!  Make enormous bubbles at home, launch a bottle rocket or make your own radio and tune into BBC!   Science gives us an understanding of where we come from, the animals and plants around us and affects every aspect of our lives. It starts with experiments, to explore the nature of things around us.   Find your inner mad scientist with some devilishly fun experiments like: - Ice cloud - Cabbage indicator  - Fizzy fountain - Violent volcano - And much, much more!  Winner of The Royal Society Young People's Book Prize 2012. Check out other excellent science titles in the DK collection next, like Science Squad, Ask A Scientist, Look I'm A Scientist and more.                 

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