Spoonbenders: A novel
Spoonbenders: A novel

Spoonbenders: A novel


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Wade Roush

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A NEBULA AWARD FINALIST ONE OF NPR'S BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR  "Hilarious, heartfelt and brimming with humanity. Cynthia DAprix Sweeney, author of The Nest   Teddy Telemachus is a charming con man with a gift for sleight of hand and some shady underground associates. In need of cash, he tricks his way into a classified government study about telekinesis and its possible role in intelligence gathering. There he meets Maureen McKinnon, and its not just her piercing blue eyes that leave Teddy forever charmed, but her mindMaureen is a genuine psychic of immense and mysterious power. After a whirlwind courtship, they marry, have three gifted children, and become the Amazing Telemachus Family, performing astounding feats across the country. Irene is a human lie detector. Frankie can move objects with his mind. And Buddy, the youngest, can see the future. Then one night tragedy leaves the family shattered.  Decades later, the Telemachuses are not so amazing. Irene is a single mom whose ear for truth makes it hard to hold down a job, much less hold together a relationship. Frankies in serious debt to his dads old mob associates. Buddy has completely withdrawn into himself and inexplicably begun digging a hole in the backyard. To make matters worse, the CIA has come knocking, looking to see if theres any magic left in the Telemachus clan. And there is: Irenes son Matty has just had his first out-of-body experience. But he hasnt told anyone, even though his newfound talent might just be what his family needs to save themselvesif it doesnt tear them apart in the process.  Harnessing the imaginative powers that have made him a master storyteller, Daryl Gregory delivers a stunning, laugh-out-loud new novel about a family of gifted dreamers and the invisible forces that bind us all.                 

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