Sticker Dolly Dressing Fashion Designer Wedding Collection
Sticker Dolly Dressing Fashion Designer Wedding Collection

Sticker Dolly Dressing Fashion Designer Wedding Collection


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Hans Rosling , Ola Rosling , Anna Rosling Roennlund

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Design a beautiful bridal collection for the Sticker Dolly Dressing dolls to model in this creative sticker book. Follow the same process that real designers do, starting with mood boards and fabric swatches before moving on to your own designs for wedding gowns and bridesmaids dresses for a beach wedding, a highland wedding, a medieval wedding and more! Includes hints and tips on patterns and colour combinations to use, as well as ideas for creating a fashion sketchbook and mood boards. With over 400 stickers, including 100 which are left blank ready to be customised.                 

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