The Shakespeare Book
The Shakespeare Book

The Shakespeare Book


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Maurice Jamall , Rob Waring

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Is discretion the better part of valour, or does conscience make cowards of us all? Are these our salad days, or is this the winter of our discontent?   Exploring the entire works of William Shakespeare, this book brings the language, themes, plots, and characters of his plays and sonnets to life.   Written in plain English, The Shakespeare Book is packed with witty illustrations and clear graphics that make it the perfect primer to the playwright's works, covering the complete canon from the Comedy of Errors to the great tragedies of Hamlet, Othello, King Lear, and Macbeth.   Whether you are new to the poetry and prose of Shakespeare and in need of a guide through the complex plots and unfamiliar language, or looking for a fresh perspective on his well-loved plays and sonnets, this book will shed light on the work of one of world literature's greatest figures. Continuing the Big Ideas series' trademark combination of clear text and bold graphics, The Shakespeare Book uses an innovative visual approach to make the subject accessible to everyone, whether you're an avid student or just curious.                 

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