Think Big: Make It Happen In Business and Life
Think Big: Make It Happen In Business and Life

Think Big: Make It Happen In Business and Life


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Maurice Jamall , Rob Waring

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This is the first book to truly capture Donald Trump. A man consistently ranked in the Top 100 Richest People in the world, Trump also brings the perspective of an entrepreneur who overcame an extremely public bankruptcy - all thanks to his unique approach to life and business, Think big and kick ass! He's got the biggest personality in business. His trademark line, "You're fired" from The Apprentice is one of America's most instantly recognizable catchphrases. He's survived the biggest real estate bankruptcy in history and climbed his way back to the top. He's Donald J. Trump, and he's going to show readers the secret to succeed like he has in "Think Big and Kick Assin Business and Life". His co-author is Bill Zanker, CEO of the Learning Annex, which he started with $5,000 in Bar Mitzvah money. It's now one of Inc's 500 Fastest Growing Companies for the second straight year, with over $100 million in sales.  Together, they think BIG! And now, readers around the globe will learn how they too can Kick Ass and achieve the success they've always dreamed of in business and in their personal life as well. The book is filled with the authors' incredible personal stories from their rough-and-tumble rise to the top of their fields, plus the experiences of other top achievers. Readers will get the inside story on Trump's recent clash with Rosie O'Donnell, how not to crack under pressure, the secrets to staying focused, how Trump himself stumbled and recovered multiple times on his way to the top, and much more. The book will feature the Trump IT test, created for this book, that will drive readers to see if they have what IT takes and in what areas they need to kick it up, plus a selection of the best Q&A's from Trump's incredibly popular Learning Annex Wealth Expos and true stories of success from students who are already practicing his "Think BIG" strategies.                 

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