Timelines of Everything
Timelines of Everything

Timelines of Everything


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Maurice Jamall , Rob Waring

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Explore 13 billion years of history in the comfort of your own home! Journey through time and discover how some of the world's greatest events unfolded.  From the Big Bang all the way through to the digital age, this incredible visual encyclopedia for children shows you just about everything that has ever happened in history.  Witness history come alive as you travel through more than 130 stunning timelines. Discover an unprecedented collection of history timelines and a wealth of knowledge about the world, packed with fantastic photographs and illustrations, along with informative text and fun facts. The history book covers the rise and fall of empires to ground-breaking scientific breakthroughs and inventions that changed our lives.   This educational book is an imaginative way of illustrating world history for children aged 8 and over. Throughout the pages, your child will get to meet the most bloodthirsty pirates of all time and discover what happened during the storming of the Bastille. It's a fantastic book for young readers with a natural curiosity about history around the world.  Find your place in the world and understand where you fit in. Whether you want to discover the history of cinema or fashion, aviation, or espionage. There's something for everyone in this glorious guide through global history!  The History of Everything - Ever  This fascinating reference book tells the story of a diverse range of subjects throughout history in an easily digested graphic format. After your kids dive into this book, you'll never hear them use the words "history" and "boring" in the same sentence again.  Take a trip back in time! This history book for kids covers the following eras: - Prehistory: Before 3000 BCE - The Ancient World: 3000 BCE - 500 CE - The Medieval World: 500 - 1450 - The Age of Exploration: 1450 - 1750 - The Age of Revolution: 1750 - 1914 - The Modern World: After 1914                 

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