World Cheese Book
World Cheese Book

World Cheese Book


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National Geographic , Rob Waring

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The ultimate book for cheese-lovers - a photographic compendium of more than 750 different cheeses to whet the appetite!  The grandest fromages, the finest Feta, the most delicious Manchego: celebrate the glorious variety, quality and pleasure of different types of cheese from around the world.  Detailed entries on over 750 cheeses offer cheese-tasting notes and profiles of the cheese-makers, from popular cheeses such as gouda and cheddar, and classic French cheese varieties, through to more unusual Asian and American cheeses. Develop an in-depth understanding of the science of cheese-making and the different methods for hard cheese, soft cheese, and blue cheese. Discover the importance of the grazing for the animal producing the milk, whether it's for goat's cheese, sheep, cow, or even buffalo. Learn how to make cheese for yourself with step-by-step photography.   The perfect gift for the cheese-lover in your life, or the perfect excuse to head to the cheese shop so you can indulge your own love of the glorious world of cheese.                 

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