It's All About... Epic Explorers
It's All About... Epic Explorers

It's All About... Epic Explorers


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Epic Explorers tells you everything you want to know about the brave adventurers who discovered new lands and worlds, old and new, from the vicious Vikings, the remarkable Marco Polo, Captain Cook and the adventurers Meriwether and Lewis to the fearless few who discovered the polar lands and the first astronauts who stepped onto the Moon.    Epic Explorers is part of a great new collectible series called It's all about... It is packed with facts and stats, and there are eight amazing collector cards to tear out and keep. You can access a free downloadable audio of Epic Explorers by logging onto the special URL address on page 3.  Epic Explorers has a Contents page as well as a Glossary and Index. You can check out all 20 titles in this series at the back of the book.                 

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