Let's Explore the Ocean
Let's Explore the Ocean

Let's Explore the Ocean


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Georgie Taylor Illustrated by Gungwiyat                                                    

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Create your own busy under the sea pictures with the reusable play pieces in this book that's full of endless play scene fun! From fish and whales to turtles and sharks, there are lots of sea creatures to spot as you explore the ocean and complete the play scenes with the reusable play pieces. The chunky play pieces are child-friendly and 100% reusable, perfect for use again and again for endless fun! The reusable play pieces stick easily to the glossy pages, then if you change your mind or are finished reading, they peel away easily and cleanly so they can be used again and again. Simply open the cover and pull the card tab to find the play pieces underneath. When play is over, place the play pieces back inside the cover to keep them clean and safe.

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