The Strategist
The Strategist

The Strategist


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Maurice Jamall , Rob Waring

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Strategy is about identifying why your business matters, not just analysing the competition. Cynthia Montgomery reveals how leaders can embrace the crucial role of The Strategist to really define and drive the objectives and advantages to power their companies forward.             Based on her legendary strategy course, one of the most oversubscribed executive courses at Harvard Business School, Cynthia Montgomery offers a radically new perspective on a leader's most vial role.             Montgomery's course teaches seasoned executives, owners and CEOs a totally new way to understand how to lead with vision and values, a way that fuses leadership with strategy. She shows that strategy is not just a tool for outwitting the competition - it is the most powerful means a leader has for shaping a firm itself.             Montgomery takes the readers through the paces of her world-renowned course, teaching them how to develop the skills and sensibilities that living strategy and real leadership demand.             No other book marries strategy and leadership in the same way - a way readers will find challenging, intriguing, and ultimately, inspiring.                 

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