Pathways Listening, Speaking 4: Student book with Online Worbook - [Big Sale Sách Cũ]
Pathways Listening, Speaking 4: Student book with Online Worbook - [Big Sale Sách Cũ]

Pathways Listening, Speaking 4: Student book with Online Worbook - [Big Sale Sách Cũ]


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Paul MacIntyre

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Pathways is National Geographic Learning's new five-level academic skills series that features reading & writing and listening & speaking strands to help learners develop the language skills needed to achieve academic success. Learners develop academic literacy skills through content, images and video from National Geographic. This innovative series provides learners with a pathway to success! With Pathways learners: DEVELOP academic literacy skills CONNECT to the real world through content from National Geographic ACHIEVE academic success * Clear connections between reading and writing skills help students master both skills naturally. * Academic reading skills and strategies embedded in the unit tasks prepare students to access a variety of realistic academic texts. * Step-by-step writing instruction with integrated grammar and vocabulary provides instruction and practice on a variety of rhetorical forms. * Consistent Integrated critical thinking tasks develop learners' ability to evaluate, analyze, and synthesize information from a wide range of sources.

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