10 Minutes A Day French Ages 7-11
10 Minutes A Day French Ages 7-11

10 Minutes A Day French Ages 7-11


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Carol Vorderman

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Master Key Stage 2 French in just 10 minutes with this fantastic home-study workbook from Carol Vorderman.  10 Minutes a Day French is a homeschool learning resource for 7-11 year olds that teaches French in short, bite-sized chunks. Children prefer to learn in short bursts, making this workbook from Carol Vorderman the perfect homeschool introduction to language learning. Games and tests make learning fun, leading to maximum results in just 10 minutes a day.  This workbook includes 10-minute activities on numbers, family, and the weather. The parents' notes section gives the answers, explains common pitfalls, and gives guidance on how to avoid them.  10 Minutes a Day workbooks are the perfect at-home reinforcement for subjects kids learn in school and support the National Curriculum.                 

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