Ages 6-7 Key Stage 1 Beginner
Ages 6-7 Key Stage 1 Beginner

Ages 6-7 Key Stage 1 Beginner


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Carol Vorderman

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Help your child be the top of the class with the best-selling home-study series from Carol Vorderman.  Carol Vorderman can help your child succeed in maths with this homeschool learning resource for 6-7 year olds. Maths Made Easy is one of Carol Vorderman's series of DK workbooks packed with notes and tips to make home learning about maths easy and fun! Follow the exercises and activities with your child at home to strengthen their learning in school. Each title contains a progress chart so your child can keep track of all the exercises they have completed and colour in the topic stars as they go. Helpful parents' notes explain what children need to know at each stage and what's being covered in the curriculum so you can support and homeschool your child with confidence.  This book will help your child practise simple fractions, including quarters and thirds, as well as doubling numbers, multiplying by 2s and 5s, and working with money. Developed in consultation with leading educational experts to support curriculum learning, Maths Made Easy is a great way to improve your child's maths skills - "the more you practise, the better you'll be!" (Carol Vorderman)                 

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