All About Biology
All About Biology

All About Biology


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Stephen Hawking

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The meaning of life. The variety of life. The secret of survival. Living together. This is life as we know it - and it is what biology is all about.  The ever-dynamic Professor Robert Winston takes readers of all ages on a journey through life on Earth, showing how organisms live and survive on our "Goldilocks planet".   All About Biology covers all the key topics including cells, the six kingdoms of life (eubacteria, archaeobacteria, protists, fungi, plants and animals), anatomy, behaviour, feeding, evolution, migration, photosynthesis, reproduction and more. Join in the discussions about whether people are the ultimate animals; which is the weirdest life form; and whether there's any alien life in the Universe.  This children's book will knock spots off your school textbook by giving you the interesting information in an colourful, entertaining, and easy-to-understand way. You don't need to search the Universe for signs of life: it's all in this book!                 

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