Cambridge IGCSE Mathematics Core and Extended (4 Ed.)
Cambridge IGCSE Mathematics Core and Extended (4 Ed.)

Cambridge IGCSE Mathematics Core and Extended (4 Ed.)


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Ric Pimentel , Terry Wall

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Exam board: Cambridge Assessment International Education Level: IGCSE Subject: Mathematics First teaching: September 2018 First exams: Summer 2020  This title is endorsed by Cambridge Assessment International Education to support the full syllabus for examination from 2020.  Rely on a tried-and-tested approach to improving mathematical skills; ensure full coverage of the latest Cambridge IGCSE Mathematics Core and Extended syllabus (0580/0980) with a new emphasis on problem-solving.  - Trust an experienced team of authors offering advice on how to put theory into practice with plenty of exercises, worked examples and solutions. - Develop problem-solving skills with guidance on problem-solving techniques to help complete open-ended investigations. - Apply problem-solving skills with multi-stage questions encouraging independent decisions on routes to a solution. - Consolidate learning with activities, extra questions, practice tests and answers to selected questions online. - Answers to questions in the Online Teacher's Guide 9781510424197  Available in this series: Student Textbook Fourth edition (ISBN 9781510421684) Workbook (ISBN 9781510421707) Student Book Boost eBook (ISBN 9781398333871) Boost Core Subscription (ISBN 9781398341067) Study and Revision Guide (ISBN 9781510421714)                 

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