Collins Japanese Phrasebook and Dictionary Gem (3 Ed.)
Collins Japanese Phrasebook and Dictionary Gem (3 Ed.)

Collins Japanese Phrasebook and Dictionary Gem (3 Ed.)


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You will never be lost for words in your travels around Japan again! Your ideal pocket-sized travel companion and the accompanying free ebook will ensure that you can say what you need in Japanese with ease and confidence.             Reliable, portable and easy-to-use, this phrasebook is an indispensable travel companion as you deal with the situations that crop up every day on holiday; from finding a chic hotel, or hiring a car to explore the countryside, to choosing a local delicacy from the menu, and, of course, setting up your wifi.             With helpful travel information and cultural tips, plus a 3000-word dictionary, make sure you don't go anywhere without this little book - an essential guide to speaking and understanding Japanese when travelling in Japan.             Access your free ebook at                 

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