Edexcel iGCSE Mathematics A Student Book 1
Edexcel iGCSE Mathematics A Student Book 1

Edexcel iGCSE Mathematics A Student Book 1


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Mixed media product
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D. A. Turner , I. A. Potts , W. R. J. Waite , B.V. Hony

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This is the first of Edexcel's two books for the new Edexcel International GCSE Maths (Spec A). Together, Books 1 and 2 provide complete coverage of the Higher Tier specification. The course offers a wealth of differentiated questions to ensure thorough practice of each concept.  Full answers to the Student Book questions are available to teachers and parents by emailing customersolutions@pearson.com (for UK teachers and parents) or icsorders@pearson.com (for all other teachers and parents).                 

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