Edexcel International GCSE Business Studies
Edexcel International GCSE Business Studies

Edexcel International GCSE Business Studies


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Rob Jones

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Edexcel International GCSE Business Studies Student Book provides complete coverage of the Edexcel International GCSE Business Studies specification, so you can be sure you and your students have all the material you need. The Student Book's attractive, full-colour design and engaging features makes it accessible for every student.       Written by Rob Jones, a highly experienced teacher and examiner.    Contains lots of up-to-date, relevant examples and case studies drawn from a wide variety of international contexts.    Includes a Getting Started case study for each chapter, photos from around the world, helpful artwork and diagrams, useful margin features, key terms and questions at the end of each chapter.    Free ActiveBook CD with every Student Book, containing a full glossary, revision questions and exam preparation material.          Author Biography    Rob Jones is currently an Examiner for a major awarding body. He is also a consultant to the University of Manchester, where he is working with trainee teachers in Business Studies and Economics. He has over twenty years' teaching experience and for most of this time was head of a large Business Studies department in a highly regarded North West Sixth Form college. Since he began writing in 1990 he has been involved in over 50 major publications in the fields of Business, Economics and Accountancy.     More Business Studies for International GCSE resources: Longman Business Studies for International GCSE                 

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