Elf Warfare
Elf Warfare

Elf Warfare


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Mary Budzik , Illustrated By&Nbsp; Simon Basher

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Although few in number, elves produce the most skilful and deadly warriors of all the races. Renowned for their archery and agility, they are mostly associated with hit and run tactics; however, they should not be underestimated in open battle. This book compiles all of the information known about these elegant warriors and how they practise war. From an initial examination of the fighting methods of the individual elf fighter, it expands to look at how they do battle in small companies and vast armies. It covers all of their troop types from their justifiably famous bowmen and swordmasters to their lightning fast cavalry, making note of regional variations and highly specialized fighters such as war mages. Accompanied by numerous illustrations in both colour and black and white, this book examines specific battles in great detail in order to fully demonstrate the elf way of war.                 

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