English For Everyone English Grammar Guide
English For Everyone English Grammar Guide

English For Everyone English Grammar Guide


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Puzzled by past tenses? Confused be comparatives? The English for Everyone Grammar Guide is packed with easy-to-follow English grammar rules and annotated sample sentences.   Ideal for English test preparations or ESL lesson plans, the Grammar Guide uses visual teaching methods to introduce English grammar for beginners, reinforced through a variety of exercises and examples when used alongside our Grammar Practice Book. Once you have built up your confidence in the written English language, the Grammar Guide can act as a reference point for more advanced sentence structures in practical English usage.  About English For Everyone  English for Everyone is a series of guides and practice books that support English learning for teenagers and adults from a beginner level, to intermediate, and advanced practical English. Offering an easy-to-follow format that offers guidance for both teaching English as a foreign language, and a self-study approach with resources available to improve English speaking, reading and writing.  Whether you are looking for ESL teaching resources, or a structured programme for adults to learn English as a second language, the English for Everyone Series provides:  - Sample language examples: New language topics are introduced in context using clear, illustrated, and colour-coded explanations  - Supporting audio: Extensive English-speaking audio materials integrated into every unit, giving vital oral and listening practice. (All supplementary audio is available on the DK English for Everyone website and IOS/Android App). - Quick referencing: Easy-to-follow units, mirrored in both the Course and Practice Books for easy referencing and teaching - Sentence formation guides: Visual break downs of essential English grammar in use, showing learners how to recreate even complex English sentences - Visual English vocabulary cues: Lists of useful English words and common phrases with visual aids are available throughout the book - Personalised learning: Write-on lines encourage ESL learners to write their prompts and translations   The English for Everyone Series covers the skills and topics required for all major global English-language exams and reference frameworks including:  - CEFR - TOEFL  - IELTS   - TOEIC                 

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