Eyewitness Dinosaur
Eyewitness Dinosaur

Eyewitness Dinosaur


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Frank Miller

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Did you know that Therizinosaurus had a claw longer than a man's arm? Did you know it only used its terrifying claws for eating plants?  From the tiny, chicken-sized Compsognathus to the mighty Brachiosaurus reaching for food in the treetops, Eyewitness Dinosaur unearths fascinating facts about these amazing prehistoric creatures. Learn about different types of dinosaurs and their body parts, diets, senses, evolution, and more. Discover how we know so much about them just from examining what they've left behind, including footprints, bones... and droppings.  This is the perfect guide for dinosaur lovers, and great for projects or homework help - with colourful and factual illustrations, and lots of labels and statistics to break down the information into easy bite-sized chunks. It also includes a giant fold-out wall chart full of facts, great for your bedroom wall or classroom.   Take a trip through the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous periods and enjoy learning all there is to know about your favourite ancient monsters.                 

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