Lego Awesome Ideas
Lego Awesome Ideas

Lego Awesome Ideas


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Joseph Heller , Introduction By&Nbsp; Christopher Buckley

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Unlock the secrets of LEGO (R) building and create new worlds with your imagination.  Your guide to becoming a LEGO master builder. LEGO (R) Awesome Ideas is for LEGO (R) fans, no matter their age, wanting to test and challenge their creative building skills. With hundreds of awesome ideas to choose from, ranging from beginner LEGO builds to more advanced creative models.   A fun activity that stimulates creativity and tactical skills. LEGO bricks are to be played without limitations and this building guide is here to inspire you. This LEGO instructions book explores the endless possibilities you can create with your own LEGO brick collection. It's up to you, show off your building skills or add amazing creative models to your own LEGO world.  Are You Ready For The Most Awesome LEGO (R) Building Adventures Yet?  Learn through visual tips, step-by-step guides, creative model ideas and pro building techniques shown throughout the book.   The LEGO (R) Awesome Ideas book includes detailed illustrations on how to build amazing real-world models like fleets of mini robots, magical castles, a LEGO (R) birthday cake, space vehicle constructions, and even a realistic-looking LEGO mobile phone.   Journey through six incredible worlds bursting with hundreds of approved fans' LEGO ideas and building tips. This book helps you create your own amazing models with step-by-step guides that unlock the secrets of great LEGO building.  This LEGO book is based on 5 different LEGO themes: -Outer Space -The Wild West -Fantasy Land  -The Real World  -The Modern Metropolis   With creative model ideas and visual tips and techniques, LEGO (R) Awesome Ideas will inspire everyone from beginners to accomplished builders.  An International Literary Association - Children's Book Council Children's Choices List Selection  LEGO, the LEGO logo, the Brick and Knob configurations and the Minifigure are trademarks of the LEGO Group.  (c) 2015 The LEGO Group.                 

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