The Complete Human Body
The Complete Human Body

The Complete Human Body


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Natural History Museum

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Intricate details of all aspects of the human body down to the smallest detail - from our cells and DNA, to the largest bone in our bodies, the femur.  3D generated illustrations and medical imaging provide a close look at the body's forms and functions in physiology and anatomy, showing how the body works and its amazing systems and abilities.  To understand our modern human bodies, this book first looks at our ancestors and how the evolution of Homo Sapiens shaped our anatomy. This gave us the ability to walk tall, create language, and make tools with our incredibly adapted apposable thumbs.   Learn how we can see evolution in our DNA, and the functions of DNA. Read about the things you can only see with microscopes and other special imaging machines, like cell structure, motor pathways in the brain, and the inner iris.  All these many parts work together to make the human body. The physiology of our body is written in clarifying detail. Learn about the organs and systems that operate within, such as the cardiovascular, digestive, and neural systems.   See our elegant anatomy and read how the skeleton, muscles, and ligaments operate to allow movement. This second addition has included more detail on the joints in the hands and feet. The Complete Human Body takes you from infancy to old age showing how our body grows and changes, and what can go wrong.  2nd Edition: Enhanced and Updated  This visual guide uses remarkable illustrations and diagrams to let you peek inside our complex and astounding bodies. It has been written in an easy-to-follow format, with straightforward explanations to give you the best overview of the many things that make us human. Suitable for young students who want an extra resource for school, people working in medical fields, or for anyone with a keen interest in human biology.  Inside the body of the book:  - The Integrated Body - Anatomy - How the Body Works - Life Cycles - Diseases and Disorders                 

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