The Football Book
The Football Book

The Football Book


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Elizabeth Laird

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Get in-depth knowledge about everything football from the rules of the game, various skills and tactics, legendary players, and the World Cup.  Ever wondered when and where football was played for the first time? Do you know the history of the first football association? Have you explored the science behind the sport? From the early football events to the most recent tournaments, The Football Book reveals a fascinating story. Follow the evolution of the ball itself, from inflated animal bladders to modern synthetic ones. Know what it feels like to walk in the specialized boots worn by the players - from studless ones from the 19th century to the modern ones with changeable screw-in studs.  Profiling more than 65 of the world's best sporting nations, World Cup winners, and looking at techniques from free-kicks to block tackling, this is the ultimate guide to the beautiful game. It includes bite-sized biographies of superstar players and results from all major tournaments, as well as details about different national teams and clubs.  Whether you are a keen player, a lifelong club supporter, or an armchair football manager, The Football Book is packed with amazing pictures and facts to interest new and old fans of the "beautiful game".                 

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