Train Your Brain To Be A Maths Genius
Train Your Brain To Be A Maths Genius

Train Your Brain To Be A Maths Genius


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National Geographic , Rob Waring

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Learn how your amazing brain works and give it a power boost with a variety of exciting challenges, puzzles and codes to crack!  In this clever, compelling maths book, young readers previously daunted by algebra, logic, algorithms, and all things maths will discover they are far better at it than they thought. Count on this essential book to make maths more magical and memorable than ever before.  Could it be? An exciting, brain training book about maths?!   Leave all your assumptions about maths at the door, because this fun-filled visual guide will bring out your inner brilliance through a plethora of fun exercises including tantalising tests, codes to crack, puzzles to solve, and illusions to inspire you along the way.  One of an educational series of captivating and comprehensive books for kids, Train Your Brain to be a Maths Genius introduces the wonders of numbers through an exploration of amazing algebra, puzzling primes, super sequences, and special shapes. Put your brain to the test with a variety of exciting activities, challenges, tips, and tricks.   Meet the big names and even bigger brains who made mathematical history, such as Pythagoras, Isaac Newton, and Alan Turing. This fantastic maths book combines fun and facts in one complete package.   Whether you're a maths mastermind, numbers nerd, or completely clueless with calculations, train your brain to come out on top.  Put Your Brain To the Test - Unleash Your Inner Genius!  It's your brain and it's yours to train!  Whoever said maths couldn't be an adventure? Put your brain to the test and see how it measures up to a series of number games, logic problems, shape puzzles, and fun activities that will boost your brain cells. A delightfully put together kid's maths book, designed to interest the young brain, with vivid imagery, fun points, and kid friendly language on concepts that can sometimes be a challenge.  As an added bonus, there are loads of ideas for science projects too! As you'll learn in this maths book - science and maths go hand in hand. A great addition to any maths and science classroom, or the perfect gift for the learner who needs a little motivation to get into learning maths.   This educational book for children opens the world of numbers through: -Understanding your brain and maths -Discovering Pythagoras, number patterns and thinking outside the box -Exploring magic squares, infinity and number tricks                 

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